In The Beginning

Edward McCollum
Series Beginnings (1 of 16)
Location Morning Worship (Ballymoney)
Bible Text Genesis 1:1


28 minutes (4.8 MB)

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Series Infomation

1 In The Beginning
  Sun, 07/07/2019
2 Created By The Word
  Sun, 14/07/2019
3 God Rests
  Sun, 21/07/2019
4 Rebellion And Curse
  Sun, 28/07/2019
5 Grace In Hope, Covering And Exclusion
  Sun, 04/08/2019
6 Cain And Abel
  Sun, 11/08/2019
7 God Confronts Cain
  Sun, 08/09/2019
8 Seth To Noah
  Sun, 22/09/2019
9 God Responds To Man's Wickedness
  Sun, 06/10/2019
10 God Establishes His Covenant With Noah
  Sun, 13/10/2019
11 Judgement And Salvation
  Sun, 20/10/2019
12 God Remembered Noah
  Sun, 03/11/2019
13 God's Covenant With Noah
  Sun, 10/11/2019
14 Noah Found In Sin
  Sun, 17/11/2019
15 The Family Of Noah
  Sun, 15/12/2019
16 Why Did Jesus Christ Come?
  Sun, 22/12/2019


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